Does Partners = Profit? Plus Why You Should Check Your Instagram Account Today!

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December 16, 2022

Welcome to the DailyZoo!

In today’s issue, we’ll cover how slowing inflation hopefully means a less bumpy road ahead for investors and the economy in general.

Speaking of bumpy roads, we’ll also look at how partnering up with the right people can make building and growing your business a lot easier and potentially more profitable in the long run.

And finally, a heads up for anyone who uses Instagram for business… you might want to check your account status as you could be missing out on a lot of free traffic.

Let’s get into it…


To Partner… Or Not To Partner?

When people start their first online business, they usually try and do everything themselves. However, as you progress, you begin to figure out what your strengths are, what you’re good at and what you’re not.  

Running an online business isn’t always easy and speed plays a major role in how much you can get done. Many times having a partner whose strengths fill in the gaps where you are weakest can be a tremendous help!

Let’s take programming for instance. If you’re selling software… Unless you know how to code, you’re going to have to pay someone to do that.  Yes, simply hiring someone to do a one off job can be cheaper than taking on a partner who gets a percentage of the sales, but what happens when something breaks? You’re now at the mercy of someone else’s schedule who has no rush to get it fixed.  Maybe they have other jobs in front of you and won’t even get to it until they’re done with those.

However, if you have a partner, they’re not getting paid either while the software is down and thus they have a urge to get it fixed as quickly as possible.

What about graphics and design?  The same applies here. If you’re not skilled in things like layout and photoshop, you’re going to be trying to piece all of the sales pages together to make them look as best as you can.  This may take you weeks or even months where someone else could have had it done faster… and better!

Sales copy? If your sales copy isn’t good, your sales will suffer. But if you partner with someone who specializes in writing good copy, you’re not only increasing your sales numbers, you’re also now able to focus on what you’re good at in creating products.

It’s rare that someone is good at all things marketing. The question you have to ask yourself is are you willing to give up a percentage of your profits versus struggling to do it all yourself? 


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Inflation Cools, Calmer Waters Ahead Hope Investors

The year has been rough for the markets and investors with sky-rocketing inflation and interest rates, geopolitical conflict, and what seemed to be unpredictable economic data at every turn. However, price increases cooled more than economists expected in the past month, showing the lowest amount of growth since last December. Inflation was down from 7.7% to 7.1% from October to November according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

These consecutive months of falling inflation numbers could signal that inflation is finally decelerating, a hopeful sign for all involved including consumers, investors, and policy makers. Prices on goods will stop rising so quickly, and the markets will begin to settle down making for more stable opportunities to invest money. This means the average American will stop having their monthly expenses rise, and also gain a boost if they choose to invest in their future through the markets.

However, the economy is still not quite there yet. While fears of a recession have begun to recede and a few key markets (such as housing) have taken some hits, prices today are still at a higher point than they were last year. The good news is that should the trends continue as they have for the past few months, we may reach the turning point soon. 


Are Your Instagram Posts Shadow-Banned?

Are your Instagram posts languishing in a life with no likes or comments? Perhaps they have been shadow banned?

Shadow banning happens on most social media platforms. It happens when the content you post is determined to be inappropriate or that it’s breaking some rules. Not in a way that makes them delete the post outright, you can still find the content if you have the link for it. But they won’t recommend it to other uses.

Previously you would have had no way to know if any of your Instagram posts were shadowbanned… you’d simply have to guess.

However, Instagram has just launched a new tool to let you know if your posts are barred from being recommended to other users.

And while Instagram does not officially use the term “shadowban”, they say the new tool will inform users if there are restrictions on their account because they broke certain rules.

You can check the status of your account in the Instagram app by selecting your profile, opening the menu, then selecting: settings, account, and account status.

Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram, said the decision was about « transparency »…

« Sometimes your account can end up in a state where it’s not eligible for your photos and videos to show up in our  recommendations… » He expanded that « If you have posted things that violate our ‘recommendability’ guidelines or recommendation guidelines… you can end up in a state where your content won’t be recommended, » 

But now you’ll be able to find your problem posts and you’ll be able to edit or delete posts which have fallen foul of the platform’s rules. Crucially you will also be able to appeal to Instagram if you feel any content has been flagged in error.

Might be time to whip out the app and do a health check on your Instagram account, shadow bans you aren’t even aware of could be costing you a lot of missed traffic and sales.


  • Elon Musk has come under fire again as animal trials for his Neuralink project are accused of killing 1,500 animals in four years. Neuralink is now under federal investigation for potential animal welfare violation

  • France makes condoms free. Young people aged 18 to 25 in France will have free access to condoms from January, in a bid to minimise the spread of sexually transmitted infections.

  • Sir Elton John has become the latest celebrity to leave Twitter since its acquisition by Tesla boss Elon Musk, saying: « I’ve decided to no longer use Twitter, given their recent change in policy which will allow misinformation to flourish unchecked.


Pain & Fever Meds For Kids Are Running Out

With an unusual triple-combo of covid-19, the seasonal flu and RSV going around, demand for pain and fever relieving medicine has skyrocketed. We’re beginning to see shortages, especially in drugs for kids. A pharmacist from Grant’s Pass Pharmacy in southern Oregon is down to her last few boxes of children’s acetaminophen and ibuprofen, and says she can’t order more.

With so many parents searching for these drugs at the same time, store shelves have been emptied in some areas.

The Consumer Health Products Association, which represents the manufacturers of over-the-counter drugs, says that the problem is not widespread and that manufacturers are doing everything they can to get more products on the shelves. However, it acknowledged that parents in some areas may have trouble finding the medications they need.

Pediatricians say there are some strategies parents can use to help their child feel better, even if they can’t find the medication they’re hunting for.

“First, a fever doesn’t always need to be lowered with medication, especially if the child feels fine otherwise”, says Dr. Maureen Ahmann, a pediatrician with the Cleveland Clinic.

If a child is happy and is eating and drinking and has a fever of 102, you don’t have to give them Tylenol or Motrin, she said.

For kids over 2 months of age, there is no magic number at which a fever needs to be treated. When the numbers creep up, a temperature of 104 or 105 may look concerning, but kids are usually just fine even when fevers run that high, she said.

If you have an infant under 2 months, it’s a different story. Any temperature over 100.4 degrees is considered concerning and means your child needs to be seen by a clinician.


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