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December 14, 2022

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What makes the perfect, affiliate-attracting JV page? 

Well, we know a thing or two about that. And today, we’ll break down a few “must-haves” that could be game-changers for your next launch.

And if you’re someone that hikes, paraglides, or ventures into the unknown, you’ll want to read the story below. It’s a reminder of how the latest tech can be life-saving, even if it’s “underwhelming.”

Let’s get into it…


Attracting The Top Affiliates To Your Launch

You’ve got your product tested and ready. Conversions are solid, and now it’s time to recruit your affiliates. Your JV page is where potential affiliates will go to get all the information about your product and launch. But, more importantly, your JV page must convince them they should promote your product. 

So what makes the perfect JV page?

First and foremost, you should have the date it’s going to be released and the date it’s going to end. Affiliates plan their promotions in advance, and if you don’t have the exact dates and times on your page, there’s a good chance you’re getting passed over. You don’t want them to have to try and track down anything. Instead, make it straightforward to find everything they need. 

We recommend including the below on all JV pages:

  • Date and time of your launch. Tell people when they can start promoting.

  • Date and time your launch ends. When should they stop promoting? Or, if your product is evergreen, let them know when your affiliate contest ends.

  • Give all the details on your affiliate contest and prizes. Don’t forget to use spot prizes to incentivize people to promote your launch multiple times during your launch week.

  • Give the commission percentages and examples of what people can earn by promoting your product.

  • If you have the numbers (and you should), tell people what your conversion rates were in test promotions of the product/copy.

  • Highlight how your previous launches have done and how well you have performed when promoting other people’s products.

  • Give people links to swipe emails and other ads they can use. Make it as easy as possible for them to promote to increase the odds they pick your product.

  • And don’t forget an email capture, so your affiliates can sign up for updates during your launch.

The key here is to make your JV page structure easy to read. The best affiliates are always busy. If they can’t find everything they need in a few minutes, they will move on to something else.

And don’t leave your JV page until the last minute. The best affiliates plan their promos weeks and sometimes even months in advance. Your JV page should be one of the first things you finish when planning your next launch.


Could New Battery Tech Replace Lithium?

Every single Tesla EV is powered by a lithium-ion battery that has transformed Tesla from the laughingstock of the auto industry into the biggest car company in history.

But new sources agree that there is a “breakthrough” new battery technology that “could eat lithium’s lunch.”

Powermag called it “the trillion-dollar holy grail” of battery technology.

A $130 trillion revolution in energy is coming and one tiny company behind this new battery technology trades for around $4.

It’s such a huge opportunity for these billionaires — Bill Gates, Jack Ma, Richard Branson, Michael Bloomberg, and Jeff Bezos — are all backing this tiny company.

Because this new battery can store energy up to 94% cheaper than a Tesla lithium-ion battery.

Click here to check out the full story.


Supreme Court to Rule on Student Loan Forgiveness

The Supreme Court has just announced that is now ready to hear arguments in litigation attempting to stop President Joe Biden’s student loan debt forgiveness program. Specifically, the Supreme Court will be hearing the case of Nebraska v. Biden, one of the two law suits that have temporarily stopped the debt forgiveness from taking effect.

Earlier in 2022, President Joe Biden announced the debt forgiveness plan which could forgive up to $20,000 to those who met certain criteria. Currently, due to the injunctions and litigation surrounding it, the application for the relief program has stopped accepting submissions, stating on the website that, “Courts have issued orders blocking our student debt relief program. As a result, at this time we are not accepting applications.”

Nebraska, joined by five other Republican-led states (Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and South Carolina), argue that the plan will hurt their state tax revenues and state-based loan agencies. The states lost their motion for an injunction in the lower courts, but appealed in the Eighth Circuit, which ruled in favor of a temporary injunction.

The Department of Education currently contends that the program is protected under the HEROES Act; 2003 legislation that allows assistance programs for Americans who “suffered direct economic hardship as a direct result of a war or other military operation or national emergency”, citing the national public health emergency of COVID-19 as it’s basis.

The Supreme Court is expected to hear and rule on this case in Spring or early Summer 2023. Currently, Student Loan Repayments for Federal Loans remain paused while this case is being heard.


New Apple SOS Feature Saves Stranded Snowmobile Rider

If you’re stranded alone in a polar wilderness, far from civilization and way outside of cellphone and wi-fi coverage… What do you do?

Until now, the answer would be to pray and hope to stay alive, but the odds were stacked against you. However, it looks like technology has just thrown us another lifeline.

A stranded man in Alaska was rescued after using Apple’s new Emergency SOS satellite feature to contact emergency services.

Just weeks ago, Apple launched the Emergency SOS satellite feature for iPhone 14 users in the US and Canada. The safety service allows users to message emergency services outside of cellular and Wi-Fi coverage. And this new technology has now faced and passed its first test with flying colors.

On Dec. 1, at 2 a.m. (AST), rescue services were notified that an adult male traveling via snowmachine from the remote town of Noorvik to Kotzebue had activated an Emergency SOS via satellite on his iPhone after becoming stranded. The area did not have Wi-Fi or cellular coverage.

The Apple Emergency Response Center provided the GPS coordinates of the stranded man to the State Troopers and the Northwest Arctic Search and Rescue Coordinator. Four volunteer searchers proceeded to locate the man and transported him to Kotzebue. 

In a public statement, the Alaska State Troopers who saved the man said they “were thoroughly impressed with the accuracy and completeness of information included in the initial alert.


  • The US Department of Energy is set to reveal a “major scientific breakthrough” this week after scientists were reportedly able to produce a fusion reaction that created a net energy gain for the first time.

  • A teenage girl’s incurable cancer has been cleared from her body with the first use of a revolutionary new medicine called ??Base editing. She was the first patient to be treated with this technology and was in remission after one month.

  • Kremlin officials have warned about holes in the Russian air defenses, and the possibility of a strike on Moscow after Ukrainian forces allegedly hit several targets deep in Russian territory.


Grandma Was Right… Stay Warm To Stay Healthy!

Grandmothers around the world may have been vindicated by modern science.

Until now, the sentence “put on a jacket or you’ll catch a cold” was dismissed as an old wives’ tale. After all, we know that bacteria or viruses cause most ailments… a corona-type virus causes the common cold, for example.

The average American adult experiences 2-3 bouts of the common cold a year, and as winter approaches, the likelihood of getting sick increases.

But then why are we more likely to catch a cold during winter? Maybe grandma was right!

New research has found that cold temperatures lower immunity in the nose and make us more susceptible to viruses. A drop in nasal tissue temperature of just 5° C reduced immune response by almost half.

These findings help explain why we’re more prone to catching colds and flu during winter. So do as granny told you, stay warm to stay healthy.

On top of that, here are some additional measures to lower your risk of a common cold this winter (and of spreading it if you do get unlucky).

  • Get plenty of vitamin C

  • Wash your hands

  • Use hand sanitizer

  • Wear a high-quality face mask (especially in crowded spaces)

  • Cover your mouth while sneezing or coughing

  • Isolate when sick


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